Token FAQ

Last updated 18 days ago

What is the mission of the Accelerator Network?

Accelerator’s mission is to add a reliable high speed second layer network to Bitcoin, without changing the core software.

What do Accelerator Tokens do?

Each Accelerator Token has the ability to multiply through a proof-of-stake staking process that takes place solely on the Ethereum network.

How were Accelerator Tokens initially distributed?

In October 2017 Accelerator Tokens were given away for free.

The initial Accelerator Token supply was distributed to website visitors

The system was unique in the fact it required users to submit and verify an active and real cell phone number. Distribution was approximately 95% – 98% accurate with a few bad actors claiming multiple tokens.

What is staking exactly?

Staking is an inflation system built in to the Accelerator Token (cryptocurrency) which is a decentralized Ethereum application.

How do I stake Accelerator Tokens?

Staking is simple: All you need to do is hold Accelerator tokens in any Ethereum wallet address for at least 3 days. Then send .001 ACC from the same wallet address to the same wallet address. You can use the staking calculator here to estimate returns and determine when to stake.

What is the annual Accelerator Token inflation rate?

First Year Inflation – 300%

Inflation Beginning October 6th 2018 – 100%

Inflation Beginning October 6th 2019 – 50%

Inflation Beginning October 6th 2020 – 10%

Max supply is capped at 10 million ACC.