Whitelist Registration

Last updated 17 days ago

Register your Bitcoin Lightning node with Accelerator.

The first step is creating a web domain and subdomain that points to the IP address of your Lightning node. When you ping the address it should return the IP address of your lightning node.

Adding a subdomain like "ln" (lightning node)

A "ln" (insert lightning node server IP address in IP field)

If you are using a content delivery service for your domain's dns. You will need to disable content delivery services on this specific subdomain. (jump over the cloud)

In this example we will register "explorer.accelerator.network" with the Accelerator firewall.

Navigate to https://accelerator.network

Type the full subdomain and domain of your lightning node without http:// or https://

Please double check the address you enter. Once it is submitted and paid it cannot be changed, refunded, or removed.

Next, click "Register ⚡ Node".

You will be given a quote in BTC for your node's registration.

The cost of registration is based on the market price of 1,000 ACC which will be burned during the registration process. This price is constantly changing and will increase as more Lightning nodes add the Accelerator distributed firewall service.

Send payment to the address listed from any Bitcoin wallet.

Congratulations, the payment has been received and your bitcoin lightning node is now officially whitelisted on the Accelerator firewall.

After your payment confirms, the Accelerator-Registrar smart contract will burn 1,000 ACC tokens and a new smart contract will be created specifically for your lightning node's address here: